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Weddings and Engagement Partys

When you are thinking about your wedding one of your decisions will be the choice of a wedding photographer.

An important criteria is the style of photography. Our speciality is a candid reportage style. Catching all those special moments in your wedding day but in a very natural way when people are being themselves not putting on a forced smile for the camera.

More than this we can bring another element when we utilize our skills as Fake paparazzi. Depending on your decision we can play this as larger than life characters or in a much more subtle way. Our clients have all felt this fake paparazzi style added a unique and impactful element to their wedding celebration. Playing these characters make guests very relaxed around us which enables us to  take even better pictures. Good photography requires excellent technical skills  and the ability to really get on with people.

We do tailor make our  photographic service for your wedding or party. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.